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degrees & experience

Bard College- Studies in Fine and Liberal Arts, emphasis in Anthropology and Psychology
Rhode Island School of Design- Studies in Fine Arts

Parsons School of Design- Studies in Fine Arts

State University of New York at New Paltz- B.A. with a double Major in Fine Arts and Psychology

Columbia University- Studies in Psychology

New York University- Studies in Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts

M.A. in Art Therapy:

Art Therapy Studies at The School for Education, Health
Nursing, and Arts Professions (SEHNAP), Psychology Studies at The School of Psychology.

1000 Internship hours

Focus of Research: Vicarious Trauma in latency age children.

The Institute for Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies (ICAFS)- Post-Graduate Studies in verbal psychotherapy and play therapy with a psychoanalytic orientation.
I have worked on two Child Sexual Assault Teams as well as on a Rape Crisis Team, seeing patients as well as teaching and training volunteers. I have done extensive ER work in response to trauma, particularly on a Child and Adolescent Crisis Team. On this team I developd an art therapy component and was intensively involved in the training of psychology Interns and medical students.

I have worked on child, adolescent, and adult psychiatric Inpatient units, as well as on a Partial Hospital unit, where I designed and implemented the program's first Creative Arts Therapy program.

After these experiences I was sought out by several different types of treatment centers to develop Creative Arts Therapy programs for their programs. I have set up programs and hired, trained, and supervised the clinicians to staff them. These programs gave me experience working with immigrants, homeless teenagers, gay, lesbian, and transgendered people, and substance abuse clients in a harm-reduction setting.

At this point I am in private practice exclusively. I also provide both individual and group supervision.

My professional memberships and affiliations Include:

The American Art Therapy Association
The New York Art Therapy Association

The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

The International Society for the Study of Dissociation

The American Counseling Association