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j. Gregory Barton, The Pod, Washington DC

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Gion, Manhattan

Technological Support and Development by
Ian Ainslie, Manhattan

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Nakia Ray, Manhattan

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Carlo Geraci, Manhattan

Skin by
David Colbert, MD, Manhattan


With great thanks and with all my love for learning, I would like to thank my very first, and outstanding professors of Art Therapy at New York University:
Laurie Wilson, PhD, ATR-BC
Ikuko Acosta, PhD, ATR-BC
Robin F. Goodman, PhD, ATR-BC
and, with honor
Edith Kramer

Tremendous gratitude and respect to j. Gregory Barton, for his creative brilliance in designing this website with me, and for the fruits of his dear friendship.
Endless thanks and my love to Ian Ainslie, for love, listening, teaching, and support.
Timeless love for Rosa Ramirez, PhD, one of the most magnificent clinicians I know, for being a “stayer.”
Love and gratitude to John Connors, MD, for his love, listening, and teaching me brilliant child and adolescent clinical treatment practice.
Gratitude and endless thanks to Charles Soulé, an excellent clinician, teacher, mentor, role model and friend.
All my love forever to Evelyn, for always believing, always being there, and never, ever giving up.
All my love forever to Richard, for showing me the most outstanding example of a life turned around that I have ever seen. It has given me courage.
All my love to Harriet, my second mother this past year.
Love always to Michael DiCandido, for helping me to start my private practice, and for never, ever breaking a promise. Thank you Michael.
Tons of love and endless wishes for Elizabeth Z., who I have had the honor of seeing grow up into a beautiful young woman. We have helped each other.
My gratitude to Joanne Labiner, LCSW, for validating my experiences time and again.
Endless gratitude to Daniel Rubinstein, a spectacular father and clinician, for showing me the power of metaphor when he asked me which animal I felt like in that picture when I was fifteen years old.

Very Special Thanks to:

  • Jill Blakeway, L.Ac., for introducing me to Greg.
  • Isaac Rubinstein, for introducing me to Gion
  • Gion, for beautiful photograpghy, taken with compassion and respect.

Finally, In Tribute to Carl Weingarten (1905-2002), my greatest role model, for his stunning integrity, and for teaching me all the values that I have finally learned are the most important, and timeless. Thank you for the lights and the birds this year when I needed them so badly.
I love you.
Lynne Julianna Beldegreen, Fall 2004


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