Reach out your hand, if your cup be empty,
if your cup is full, may it be again…

There is a road, no simple highway,
between the dawn, and the dark of night,
and if you go, no one may follow,
that path is for your steps alone…

If I know the way, I will take you home.

-The Grateful Dead

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope that you, or someone that you know or love, will find it valuable. I would be happy to speak with you. Please know that all contacts are strictly confidential.
You can reach me by phone or by email and I will respond to you right away. Know that though I’ll respond quickly, there are limitations to what I can discuss over the internet as per my licensing board...this is to protect your speaking by phone is best. Call me anytime with any type of question or to schedule an appointment. First appointments are always complimentary.  If for some reason I can’t help, I promise I will try my best to use our time to point you in the right direction, since I have many resources.
Inquiries regarding teaching, supervision, and questions about research are also more than welcome.
All my best in health and healing,

Lynne Julianna

225 West 86th Street
Penthouse L
New York, NY, 10024

TELEPHONE 917.607.3963
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I’m often asked, “What if medication becomes necessary?” so I’ve included the answer here. To find other questions and answers that I am frequently asked, select this link.»

Trauma can be from grief, natural disaster, sexual or physical abuse, or a variety of negative life events, such as divorce or the ending of a relationship. Sometimes patients that are very symptomatic can be prescribed medications, both traditional and alternative, possibly even in combination with specific supplements and foods, and achieve a less symptomatic state remarkably fast.
When a patient’s symptoms are acute, sometimes it is harder to start effective therapy. Although Lynne can work with a patient in almost any state, shocked or severely disoriented patients are sometimes incapable of effectively starting or participating in therapy. This can also be true if a patient is extremely depressed, dissociated, or anxious. In these cases, traditional and/or alternative forms of medication and bodywork may play a very important role.
Medication is a very personal choice. Many people are afraid of medication which is common and understandable. Lynne is very familiar with pharmacology and has achieved several certificates from her participation in specialized training in this area. While she can answer many questions about medications, she cannot prescribe them. Lynne does, however have medical doctors who consult in her practice, some that specialize in pediatric psychiatric medicine, and others who focus on adults. If a patient and Lynne make the decision to explore medication, these doctors will provide lengthy consultations, often in the familiarity of Lynne’s office. Together, the physicians and Lynne work very closely to follow the patient’s progress.
In addition, Lynne is always quick to offer alternative, holistic medical options and will often make referrals for Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition, and Massage